The knowledge Vine

Mais uma rede social que promete ajudar muita gente com um modo de operação bem prático.

How it works

All an individual must do to use the system is to join the network, a very simple process at . Then, when you are ready to pose a question to the network, write it in the form of a single sentence question to a special email address for the system. This email is then forwarded to all the members of the network. If a colleague on the network has the knowledge or information you seeking, they will reply directly back to you (and only you) by email.

The absolute rules of the system are:

  1. Only one sentence allowed (plus contact information) – this forces the requester to communicate very clearly with all the individual experts on the network
  2. The sentence must be written in the form of a question
  3. Only reply to the person making the request (no-one else cares)
  4. No offers, promotions, or advertising

Example questions that individuals might post to the Knowledge Vine e-mail address:

  • Does anyone have a good contact for technology licensing personnel at Philips Semiconductor?
  • Does anyone have any good licensing agents/broker contacts in Taiwan or Japan?
  • Does anyone have any market data on the blood glucose market?
  • Does anyone know a good market research specialist in the environmental sector?

Because of the e-mail simplicity, the only traffic users see is an occasional single sentence emails in their in box. Because the e-mails are written in a very clear communication style, they are easy and very quick to read.

When posting a request to the group, the individual typically receives  5-10 replies, either with the information needed, or suggesting who might be able to provide it. The amount of traffic on the system is very light – typically 20 new questions are posed per month so email in the box load is minimal.

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