A Economia do Conhecimento (Triple Helix) na Hungria

Uma das áreas de pesquisa mais aclamada dentro da economia do conhecimento é o modelo Triple Helix, sobre a interrelação entre governo, academia e empresas.

Esse artigo é o mais novo que o Prof. Loet Leydesdorff, um dos autores da teoria, publicou: 

 How can the knowledge base of a transition economy be measured? Building on previous studies in the Netherlands and Germany, we combine the perspective of regional economics on the interrelationships among geography, technology, and organization with the triple-helix model of university-industry-government relations, and use the mutual information in three dimensions as an indicator of the configurations. Our data consists of firms categorized in terms of sub-regions (proxy for geography), industrial sector (proxy for technology), and firm size (proxy for organization). The results indicate that the knowledge base of Hungary is strongly differentiated in terms of regions. Budapest and its agglomeration are central to the country on every indicator. In the north-western part of the country, foreign-owned companies and FDI disturb an etastistic triple helix dynamics which is still dominant in the eastern part of the country. However, the national level seems no longer to add to the synergy among the regional innovation systems. Further analysis of the knowledge-intensive services and its high-tech components reveals that the transition from the planned economy to integration in the European common market is not yet completed.


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